January 2009 Edition of “Pop Goes the Gospel”

Welcome to the January 31, 2009 edition of “Pop Goes the Gospel”. To think another year has already started. We have completed our first full month of the new year and a lot is happening in our nation. We inaugurated our 44th President a mere 11 days ago and to say things have been stirred up may just be an understatement. In the midst of all the turmoil in our economy it is good to know that one thing still remains, the faithfulness of God. Through it all He remains faithful. No matter what we may face the Lord is always ready and able to lend a helping hand. Take some time out from the regular day to day activities and check out this month’s “Pop Goes the Gospel” blog carnival. Perhaps you will be able to gain a new perspective on your life from one of the articles shared here.

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

In Culture

Rich presents Counterfeit Values posted at Blogger For Christ . com. Rich offers a contrast between God and Satan his post tackles several ‘hot button’ topics like same sex marriage, ‘hooking up’ and satanic worship. Now that ought to make you want to read this post.

Astrid Lee presents Got Jesus? posted at World Healing, Astrid Lee shares several short stories about people who met Jesus. Those who have had an EPIPHANY. Have you had an encounter with Jesus? Tell us about it.

Theresa L. Twogood presents Why So Sad? and Bad Times 101 posted at OLIN e-Book e-Publishing. Theresa takes us on a journey back to paradise to uncover why things may seem so bad today. A primer on the “Fall of Man“. Some might say it is a “Paradise Lost“. Theresa simply calls it Bad Times 101 a primer on pain and suffering.

In Church Life

ChristianPF presents Short Prayers week posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, ChristianPF a regular submitter to this Blog Carnival offers up some thoughts on ‘praying continually’. He challenged himself to offer consistent short prayers in an effort to pray more throughout the day. Here are the results of his effort. Might I suggest we all try to offer up continual prayers even if they are only a sentence prayer.

Heather Johnson presents Top 100 Theology Blogs posted at Christian Colleges. Heather gives us a list of Theology Blogs and she failed to list mine. Oh well I shall forgive her. Although not a complete list there are enough links there to keep you busy for many a late night.

andriel presents An Emerging Relativism posted at ReturningKing.com. Jeff submitted several articles for inclusion in this month’s blog however my policy allows only one post per blog per issue so I picked the best one to include this month. I am sure Jeff will submit another article or two for our next issue. Jeff asserts that certain truths are self-evident while dispelling the error of Religious Relativism, And here I thought he was going to write about his family. Just kidding. Take the time needed to read this post it will be well worth your time. There is a lot of meat on this bone to gnaw off.

In Media

Sarah Scrafford presents 50 Awe-inspiring, Free, High-Res Collections of Religious Imagery posted at Christian Colleges. Here is another list of sites to go along with the Theology Blogs list previously listed. Although this is a SECOND POST for this blog I thought many of you could benefit from this list of Religious Imagery so I left it in.

In Family

Yvette Nietzen presents Conducting a Virus Scan posted at Fresh Wind Ministries. Yvette comes through with a short but insightful post about conducting a Spiritual virus scan.

Doug Boude presents My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light posted at Doug Boude (rhymes with ‘loud’). Doug offers a fresh new look at the Burden of the Lord. Although his first encounter seemed oh so burdensome he later learned that doing right is not really all that hard. See what you think, Great post Doug.

In Education

Joe Hayes presents Teaching Intelligent Design posted at Teaching Intelligent Design, Joe tackles the idea of teaching Intelligent design. Although a contentious topic Joe’s article sets forth a reasoned response to radical opposition to the idea that Intelligent design could actually be taught in an educational setting.

In Politics

My own submission is Give me, Give me, and then give me some more a reflection of the evil root of the financial mess our nation is currently in the midst of. Our nation’s debt  problem is not  financial, but one of righteousness. Tell me what you think.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of pop goes the gospel using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Until next time carpe diem.

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