Clinton Library Received Large Foreign Contributions

Does anyone find this surprising? No wonder he kept it secret for so long.
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Hillary Rodham Clinton has been nominated as secretary of State. If she is confirmed by the Senate, Bill Clinton will continue to release the names of donors to his foundation.

WASHINGTON — Former president Bill Clinton accepted tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments and Democratic donors with corporate and Hollywood ties to help build his non-profit foundation and presidential library, according to a list of contributors made public for the first time Thursday.

Saudi Arabia donated $10 million to $25 million, and Norway’s government contributed more than $5 million. Other large donors include director Steven Spielberg, the foundation of computer mogul Bill Gates and the charitable foundation of singer Barbra Streisand.

The contributor list shows gifts from a range of foreign governments, individuals and groups who could have a stake in American foreign policy.

The governments of Kuwait, Qatar and Oman each gave $1 million to $5million.

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