Planned Parenthood Modern Day King Herod?

When an organization makes loads of money off the shedding of innocent blood it is not hard for this eagle to believe they are capable of all manner of evil. Remember abortion stops a beating heart. Next time you think abortion is just another medical procedure I pray no one comes into your house and snuff out your life by tearing you apart limb by limb.

For those who may not know who King Herod was let me explain that he was the King who ordered all children under the age of 2 to be murdered because he had heard that Jesus was born and wanted to snuff out his opposition. See Matthew 2:16

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baby ultrasoundA Planned Parenthood clinic in Indiana is being investigated for providing abortions to underage girls and failing to report incidences of statutory rape.

“At first they were exposed for offering Christmas gift certificates that can be used for abortions. Now, I mean, that’s pretty disgusting anyway you look at it, especially at Christmastime. It’s the modern-day King Herod slaughtering the innocents,” she contends. “And the second thing that came out this week is that Planned Parenthood was exposed katie Walker ALLfor protecting statutory rapists.”

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