Downturn in economy sending illegals packing

Finally an immigration program that actually works. Take away the monetary incentives and the illegal activity reduces. Perhaps the white house could catch the hint?
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SAN DIEGO – After struggling just to pay his $300 monthly rent and send money to his wife and two children back in Honduras, Dionisio Urbina has given up. The day laborer is saving for a one-way plane ticket home.

Thousands of Latin American immigrants both legal and illegal are going back home as the economic crisis in the U.S. causes jobs to dry up in the construction, landscaping and restaurant industries.

The flow of immigrants back across the border tends to be cyclical, with many people going back home for the Christmas holidays. But some authorities say they are seeing a bigger-than-usual reverse-immigration effect this year.

There are other signs the U.S. is no longer the magnet it was a few years ago, when the economy was thriving and the housing boom produced plenty of work:

With an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., the number returning home is relatively small.

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