Squirrels for Obama

Squirrels for Obama

Other than voting for Obama what else do squirrels and Obama have in common?

Let us take a look shall we?

  1. The both like nuts-Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Father Fleager, Saul Alinski
  2. The gathering of nuts are for use at a later time- When Obama finally gets into office he can repay all these nuts with political favors or give them staff positions in his administration.
  3. He gathers for his own purposes and use not to be shared with others
  4. The gathering of these nuts are for survival and self preservation- the squirrel eats them Obama uses them to promote his political aspirations
  5. Attacks when cornered by clawing and biting- Whenever Obama is asked about his nut gathering he goes on the attack
  6. Runs away from confrontation- When you attempt to catch a squirrel he quickly runs away and hides.

And the number one thing squirrels and Obama have in common:

7. THEY BOTH ADORE ACORNs- Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now which is currently under federal investigation for voter fraud