Change, Change, and then Change Some More

Do not associate with those who always insist upon change, because disaster will come to them suddenly. Who knows what misery both may bring? Prov 24:21-22 (GW)

The mantra this election year is change. Change the way we do government, change the way we tax our citizenry, change the way we fight our battles, change the way we appoint leaders and judges, change the way we negotiate with enemies, change the way we protect the innocent.

Change can be good as long as the changes are for the betterment of a society. Many perhaps would feel that this year’s campaign slogan for change is just that, a change for the better. Apart from any biblical foundation I guess any change could be considered good but we are warned in scripture to not associate with those who always insist upon change.

There are people who change their minds on every issue depending upon the circumstance. They change their viewpoints depending on the pressure applied by those who oppose those viewpoints. They are like ships without a rudder that change direction every time the winds of public opinion changes. They have no core values, no solid beliefs, nothing to hold them on a steady course. They are like empty clouds that blow in and bring no rain, or like the waves of the ocean tossed about by the wind. They can not be held to one position because they will change their minds if enough people oppose them. They can not be counted on to stick to a position on anything.

These people we are warned to avoid in scripture. Wishy-washy panderers make for bad leaders because you never know where they are going to lead you. One minute you could be headed toward safety and then the next minute you are being led out to sea. I for one would not feel comfortable sailing in a rudderless ship. Nor do I find much comfort in a leader who changes their mind, all the time, on everything.

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