Underage Strip Performance deemed ‘artistic’

clipped from www.onenewsnow.com

courtroomAn Iowa county judge has ruled that a nude dance by an underage girl at a strip club is an artistic expression protected by the First Amendment.

Strip clubs are illegal in the state of Iowa. But numerous such establishments operate under a loophole that allows nudity in theaters, museums, and other venues featuring works of art, dance, and theatrical performances.

Prosecutors only filed charges after learning that a 17-year-old girl, who had entered the club illegally, was allowed to strip for patrons. But the club’s owners claimed the “artistic nudity” loophole protected them and that they were not responsible for the actions of the child. The local judge agreed, but Trueman does not.

“That’s really stretching it. It was a bar. It was a minor child that got up, spontaneously, to do a nude dance. That is not protected,” he argues. “This is a tragic situation because a minor was involved.”

Another example of a society adrift. A 17 yr old girl strips in a BAR serving alcohol and judge finds nothing ‘illegal’ about this?

After reading this story I have to sit here and wonder what the heck happened to common sense and decency and to think there are actually people who do not see the harm this type of behavior has on our society.

This one certainly belongs in the Cuckoo’s nest.

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