God Bless America!

The majestic eagle has been admired by many cultures down through time. The ancient Sumerians, the Romans, and Napoleon all utilized the awe-inspiring bird as a symbol of greatness. 230 years ago, the bald eagle was adopted as the official emblem of the United States. As this young nation was about to spread forth it’s wings of freedom and set its mark on the world, the eagle became a fitting symbol of freedom.

The shadow of beauty cast across the land as the bald eagle wings its way across the broad expanse of sky is a powerful symbol of strength, freedom and independence. Gently gliding on the air currents ever vigilant and watchful, undeterred by sudden storms. As the storm approaches the majestic eagle faces it head on and soars even higher.

Although at one time endangered, the bald eagle has made a dramatic return and can be seen in even greater numbers. Just like the bald eagle, we, as a nation, have faced opposition to our freedoms and way of life, and have overcome. As the symbol of our nation has returned in greater numbers we too as a nation shall long endure with the help of Almighty God.

May God Bless America again!

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