Climate Propaganda Paves Way for “Pig Power”

Climate Propaganda Paves Way for “Pig Power, Vatican, Cuba, Obama, Pope Francis, Marxist

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You must understand that the whole push for this climate change legislation is to take money from the wealthy and redistribute it to those who are making the rules that somehow living is causing the planet to die.

This is nothing more than a wealth confiscation scheme and an effort to deindustrialize the west. They wish for all of us to live like they do in Cuba or North Korea, while at the same time these climate alarmist propagandists will be jetting around in their private jets while they pocket the trillions of dollars they are stealing from those who actually worked hard to earn it.

Our Congress has been ineffectual in stopping the Marxist march of Obama as he single-handedly remakes America into just another failed socialist nation. I said at the time of Obama’s election that we have elected an Antichrist into the White House. But when so many US citizens are on the government dole this is not surprising.

If you value you freedom at all then you better stand up and start to push back against this rapid decline into socialism.

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