Do many reporters get why Kim Davis is in jail? Hint: Investigate Kentucky laws

So Kim Davis is in jail, which is the only place — under current Kentucky laws, apparently — she can go without giving her signed consent (hold that thought) to same-sex marriages, which she believes she cannot do because of a theological conflict of interest.

So U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning has done the logical thing and locked her up, because — under the current Kentucky laws — there is no other way to obey five members of the U.S. Supreme Court and get marriage licenses to same-sex couples in the state.

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Once again the facts  are getting lost in the media hype.

The main-stream media has an agenda and that is to see to it that everyone sees things the way they do. They are professional propagandists and if they were promoting RELIGION the population would be in an uproar, but because they are espousing anti-christian viewpoints they are applauded and heralded as progressive and hip.

Well once you start to peel back the layers of the media circus surrounding the entire Kim Davis story you start to see an entirely different picture emerge. One could say that the Democrat governor of Kentucky might be the one most culpable in promoting this media circus because his office could have handled this matter quickly and legally without all the FUSS. This old bird thinks the media circus is exactly what the Governor wants since his state legislature has yet to embrace same-sex marriage.

I believe this governor wants to force the issue. Oh did I say he was a democrat?

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