The Bible does not tell Christians to deny goods and services to gay people, but Zo thinks liberals should stop using the Bible to bully Christians. via AlfonzoRachel


This whole media created fire storm around Indiana’s RFRA law demonstrates once again that liberals are not the party of unity, peace, tolerance, and forgiveness. Rather more and more they are demonstrating that they are the party of division, hatred, fear mongering, intolerance, and antichrist in action.


However whenever it suits their political agenda, or they wish to excite the crowd against Christ, the liberals will misquote scripture in order to lend some pretend cover to their sinister plots. With their mouths they pretend to praise Him by citing His word when it suits them but their actions betray them.


Alfonzo Rachel has done a good job in explaining this hypocrisy in this video "Jesus Had Two Dads". This is just one of many distortions the lawless left use in order to promote their godless behavior and lifestyles, while at the same time they use the bible to beat back those who uphold the bible and its teachings by suggesting that the bible doesn’t mean what it so plainly teaches.

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