Fed Up!

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of...

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the United States Polski: Fragment preambuły Konstytucji Stanów Zjednoczonych (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HEY BOEHNER AND FRIENDS if you really want to help the economy take your JACK BOOT off the neck of the PRODUCERS and place it instead on the hose that feeds the federal government. Turn off the spigot that feeds into the BOTTOMLESS pool of money the government spends so freely. Instead of asking the AMERICAN people to put their plans and aspirations on hold to clean up your mess how about you lead by example. CUT YOUR OWN BUDGETS and salaries and lay-off some of your employees. DOWNSIZE the government instead of asking the private sector to DOWNSIZE their plans and objectives. SINCE WHEN is our sweat and toil yours to take whenever you want simply because you can not stifle your insatiable appetites to continually spend spend and spend?

You do not have a mandate to invent new and grander ways to steal our labor and industry. There was no mandate for OBAMACARE in 2008 nor was there one in 2012 kill it we can not afford it! The people did not ask for nor want this intrusion into their lives. All your GRAND PLANS and programs to date have gone bust and you guys continually want to invent new ways to spend even more money. STOP IT!

Your only mandate is to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION of the United States. Since you do not know how to do that perhaps you should take a refresher course on the Constitution. I am sure Hillsdale College would be more than willing to teach you. They offer a free on-line course. HIRE a tutor if you who are intellectually challenged.

Since the House controls the purse strings, lock the vault, tear up the credit card, put a lock and key on the check book, refuse any additional requests for an increased debt limit, turn out the lights and go home. I believe the AMERICAN people can live a few months or even years without you guys constantly harassing us and pestering us for more of our hard-earned cash. WHEN you guys finally get serious about doing what is GOOD AND RIGHT for the AMERICAN people and not just for your OWN POLITICAL BACKSIDES then we’ll talk in the mean time take some time off.

And Harry Reid we are not interested in a compromise. YOU have failed to produce a budget for the entirety of Obama‘s first term. DO YOUR JOB! Figure out a way to live within your means or do without. You already collect $2 trillion each year that should be enough to provide BASIC GOVERNMENT SERVICES.

That is all we want, we do not want any more GRAND SCHEMES or more social programs. WE WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE to engage our OWN GRAND SCHEMES and plans and programs. WE WOULD LIKE to save for our own futures instead of constantly having to fork over any advances we make for ourselves and our families to fund another of your grand schemes. YOU MADE THE MESS FIGURE OUT A WAY TO FIX IT! TAP YOUR OWN FORTUNES AND DENY YOURSELVES YOUR FUTURES since you have stolen ours and robbed our kids of theirs.

Call me fed up!

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