Have they bothered to look across the aisle to see how weak the Dems Ticket is? Obama has to run unopposed in order to even get on the ballot, and just to be sure that O can win they will do whatever it takes to clear out the opposing teams bench before the election. This sounds like a communist dictatorship somehow or is it just me?

Let us not forget that Obama did not actually win the primaries in 2008, Hillary forfeited her ELECTORIAL COLLEGE votes to O to put him over the top. They even cut the primary short and did not allow two states to vote for fear O was going to loose the primary.

For your information all you naysayers, the toothfairy could be running on the GOP ticket and have more qualifications to lead then the current President. Mr Magoo would make a better President then Obama. Anyone on the GOP ticket is better than anyone on the DEM ticket. Oh yeah that’s right the best the dems got is OBAMA since they have no one else to put on the ticket.

Is it 2012 yet?