Educating Our Children

“Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” — King Solomon, Proverbs 22:6

consequences_of_failureOne group of people apparently knows this truth better than another. With the advent of public education we now have a system in place to train children to believe whatever it is the public school system wishes for them to learn. With a school system under the control of godless men and women is it any wonder that we have raised several generations who have forgotten from wench we have come? Is it any wonder that these same children grow into adults who repeat back the pabulum they were fed as children?

Is it any wonder that the government controlled school system teaches that it is the government which occupies the highest seat of honor in the country and not the individual for which our constitution was drawn up to protect. Is it any wonder that today’s young people view socialism positively and yet our founding father’s looked askance at the very idea of a strong centralized government interfering in the lives of the citizens. Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it is wise instruction. Do you suppose it is time we get back to teaching our children what made America great? Do you think it is time to get back to teaching our children about the richness of our Christian heritage? Do you suppose it is time to teach our children about what freedom really means and how to maintain a free society? Do you suppose it is time to teach our children about the failures of our federal government and remind them of what our Constitution actually taught? Do you think that perhaps it is time to do away with government-run education?


This week is National School Choice Week, School Choice advocates will gather all across the nation to shine a spotlight on effective education options for every child. Rather than accepting the status quo, and putting up with failed schools, advocates for school choice stand up to demand their children be given a choice in their education. Parents want alternatives to the failed government-run school system. National School Choice Week, a collaborative effort by more than 150 organizations, will raise public awareness about any and all forms of educational choice, including public charter schools, magnet schools, virtual education, homeschooling, tax credit scholarships, and opportunity scholarships.

Americans have talked about the need to fix our public schools for decades. There have been movies, documentaries, books, newspaper stories, panel discussions, academic studies, and presidential speeches all pointing to the problem within Americas public school system. And yet here we are still talking.

Our leaders promise reform, but each spring, too many kids graduate high school full of hope and dreams, only to quickly find out they don’t have the skills necessary to compete in a global economy. Our public schools have failed them. That must change.

During the week of January 23 29, 2011, concerned citizens from all across the country are joining together to promote school choice as the best way to reform our nations failing public education system.

The message of National School Choice Week is very simple: let parents decide which kind of school works best for their child. It might be a charter school (which is just another type of public school), a cyberschool, a private school, a religious school, or a traditional public school. Whichever option they choose, parents should have the right to decide which school will best help their child to learn and grow.

Allowing children to stay trapped in failing schools is immoral. Critics charge that school choice advocates secretly want to do away with public education. That’s simply not true. School choice advocates want all children to receive the best education possible. Instead of questioning our motives, teacher unions and their political surrogates should join the effort to do what is best for each child.

God advocated for parents to teach their children especially when it came to teaching them about the ways of God. He desired that every child be learned in the way of God so that when they grew older they would remember all the wonderful things that God had done for their parents. Therefore allowing parents to have the final say in their child’s education is supported by scripture.

As a nation we have failed to instill in our children all the blessings bestowed upon this great nation and as a result we have seen our children grow up to forsake the way of the righteous and run off after worldly gain. It is sad really to see how quickly our society has crumbled because of our neglect for the ways of the Lord. Parents, grandparents, I urge you to once again take up the torch of truth and light the pathways of knowledge for your children and grandchildren, shine the light of truth into the darkness of deceit and declare with certainty and authority the right paths to take. Shine your light of truth so that those who are seeking truth can see it and be led into the path of truth.

There is a great deal of teaching going on in our public schools that is having a harmful effect on our children and thusly upon our nation. It is time we get back to the basics and teach once again about the goodness of God, and teach our children to honor the Lord in all things. Now there is a civics lesson that needs to be taught.

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