The Obama Touch: All that Glitter is Not Gold

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The legendary King Midas was given the gift of the golden touch; everything he touched would turn to gold. Excited at first, he learned the price of greed when the food he tried to eat turned to gold and when he even turned his own daughter into a hunk of gold.
King Obama, twentieth century America, has a magic touch, too. Everything he touches turns to … well … donkey dust… owl hockey… bull shavings… bunny pellets… that sort of thing.

Unemployment remains at nearly ten percent and underemployment at around twenty percent, despite the stimulus.

The deficit is soaring to trillions of dollars.

The healthcare reform bill is now revealing itself to be a huge financial burden to businesses and state Medicaid programs alike, running into the billions of dollars of additional costs.

Social Security is in the red in 2010.

Debt is projected to be at $20 trillion by 2020.
Sailors have a saying, “Storm clouds are gathering on the horizon.”

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