April Edition of Pop Goes the Gospel

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

Welcome to the April 2010 edition of Pop Goes the Gospel blog Carnival. This I am happy to introduce a couple new contributors. I am amazed at the quality of articles I get each month and I would like to give credit to the fine bloggers who make this carnival one worth reading each month.

I decided that this month I was going to take the advice of our feature poster and keep SILENT and allow the posts to SPEAK for themselves, so without any further blather from me on with the Carnival.

Feature Article

Aaron Travis presents the sound of silence posted at themuse(ic)ian. Aaron must have been reading my journal because his article this month mirrors thoughts and musings I had on the very same subject. Taking time to listen to the sound of silence. Aaron makes the case for the importance of silence in our noise filled world. Now take time and be quiet as you read this month’s feature post.

In Bible Study

Jim Edwards presents A Godly Principle: Would You Buy This Barrel of Apple Juice? posted at EverydayChristianFamily.com, Jim presents and interesting illustration which vividly portrays his point, that God is pure and therefore we as His children should honor Him by giving our best to the Lord and not that which is tainted or polluted. Good post Jim!

Jeff presents The Spirit World: Introduction posted at ReturningKing.com, Jeff brings another theological gem to this month’s edition. This time Jeff tackles Heaven and Hell and other places in-between. Yes you heard me right. Now quick rush on over to Jeff’s blog and read it for yourself. You will certainly learn something by spending some time with ReturningKing.com.

BWL presents 3 Things Moses Teaches Us About Money posted at Christian Personal Finance, This week the Christian Church celebrates the Resurrection of our Lord the culmination of the Season of Lent. While at the same time our Jewish brethren celebrate Passover. What a perfect time to reflect on Moses and the lessons we can learn from his leadership.

In Culture

Andrew Hawkes presents hawkes – hfl – What’s Important? – What’s Important? posted at hawkes – hfl, Excellent question. It all depends on your perspective. The perspective gained from this 22 yr old missionary to Haiti may just make you pause long enough to thank God for what is important in your life. Thank you Andrew and welcome to the carnival. THIS IS A MUST READ BY EVERYONE!

In Life

NCSue presents A lesson from a skunk? posted at IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING. What happens when a skunk stops for a peanut butter snack and gets his head stuck in the jar? Well head on over to NCSue’s blog and find out. This one will make you smile and think. I promise no animals where hurt in the posting of this article.

In Church Life

Trent Cotton presents Confessions of a Converted Catholic: Justification posted at Christian Men-Christian Warriors, Trent presents biblical insights from a reformed Catholic‘s perspective. This modern day Martin Luther is penning some theses of his own. Whether you are Catholic or not see what you think of this post on Biblical Justification.

Joe Plemon presents Declare Who You REALLY Are: A Winner posted at Personal Finance By The Book, Joe Plemon a first time contributor to this carnival challenges us to confess who we are in Christ rather than who we used to be before Christ. AD versus BC. If you are a child of God then you have been made new, old things passed away and everything was made new. Imagine if the butterfly kept thinking of himself as he used to be… a worm. Not too many worms I know can fly so beautifully as a butterfly can. Great post Joe and I hope you continue to contribute to this carnival. Thanks!

In Family

Siobhan McGirr presents Even Super Moms Need God’s Help posted at A Christian Mommy. There are many things we can learn as adults if we listen to the words of a child. This Super Mom learned a lesson we all should heed. Well done Siobhan and welcome to “Pop Goes the Gospel“.

In Politics

Allen Scott presents Hillary to Israel: Don’t Count on Me! posted at Journey Across the Sky, saying, “Robert wrote an very insightful article concerning the Israeli and American relationship and the dependency upon Governments for defense and protection. Today’s world SCREAMS for someone or something to come and stop all the madness. The trouble is if we look to MAN for our help then we end up with the mess we currently have and open the door for the eventuality of inaugurating the ANTI-CHRIST. Take heed and learn a lesson from Israel.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Pop Goes the Gospel using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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