Released Gitmo Detainees Return to fight again

Welcome to the neighborhood. The democrats desire to legitimize terrorists is disturbing. To think that this nice young man could be coming to a prison near you should unsettle us freedom loving Americans. The whole reason we went to the Middle East to fight these terrorists was to keep them from coming over here where we would have to fight them on our own soil,

I fail to see how aiding and abating terrorists is a good government policy. Perhaps some of you democrats could explain that to me.

clipped from

Muhammad al-Awfi: The Saudi national served time at Guantánamo and is now an Al Qaeda commander.

Militants in Yemen threatened Monday to strike the US Embassy for a second time.

Two Saudis formerly jailed at the US prison camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, have joined Al Qaeda’s Yemeni branch, and authorities
here worry that two other ex-Guantánamo inmates may have strayed back to militancy because they have recently disappeared
from their homes.

The revelations illustrate the difficulties faced both by President Obama, who has pledged to shutter the facility for terror
suspects, and the Saudi government, which is trying to reform its own radical jihadis, many of whom were imprisoned at Guantánamo
before being released back to the kingdom.

Al Qaeda in Yemen started to publish its magazine again and posted a video online declaring the Saudi and Yemeni
Al Qaeda groups had united, according to, a website that analyzes extremist activity on the Internet.

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