Capital Visitor Center, Overpriced and Historically Inaccurate.

Another Government run program that ended up costing way more than necessary in addition to promoting the expansion of Government programs while at the same time trashing the Constitution.

This is the same congress who wants to run everything from your retirement accounts to your home mortgages and even the automobile industry.

They can not even build a visitor center on budget and you want hand them the reigns of the health care system. GOD HELP US ALL!

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Capitol visitor center smallA constitutional scholar says the new Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, DC, is an extremely biased and historically inaccurate exhibit that “twists and distorts” the Constitution.

The new $621 billion Capitol Visitor Center features an exhibition hall that is dominated by a very large marble wall called “The Wall of Aspirations.” Dr. Matthew Spalding of The Heritage Foundation says the exhibit is not about the Constitution’s limits on powers delegated to the government, but instead lists aspirations such as unity, freedom, common defense, knowledge, exploration, and general welfare, and then points back to where they are found in the Constitution.
The underground 580,000-square-foot Visitor Center
was completed three years behind schedule and almost $360 million over budget.

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