Methodists Following Presbyterians in Gay marriage issue

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More United Methodists are throwing their support behind clergy in California who want to perform same-sex “marriages” despite the denomination’s stance that homosexual practice is “incompatible with Christian teaching.”

On Thursday, delegates from the Northeastern Jurisdiction Conference of the United Methodist Church – from Maine south to West Virginia – approved a resolution expressing respect for clergy in the California regional bodies who participate in wedding same-sex couples “as a matter of Christian conscience, spiritual discernment and prophetic witnessing,” as reported by the United Methodist News Service.

In April, measures that would have removed the ban on noncelibate gay pastors and the statement that homosexual practice is “incompatible with Christian teaching” were voted down after emotional debates.
In the following months, however, regional conferences have approved measures supporting homosexuals after the California Supreme Court legalized gay “marriage” on May 15.
Another denomination is biting the forbidden fruit of fornication. It would appear that Gay marriage is becoming the new standard by which the church is going to be judged. No wonder there is a downward spiral in the moral climate of the country. Not even those who PROFESS CHRIST are able to stand for anything anymore.


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