This was well worth passing along. Too many, I believe, have fallen into the the “happiness” trap. As Christians we are a “blessed” people, and it is because of our relationship with Christ that we find joy and happiness. Joy and happiness are not the pursuit, Jesus is. As we surrender ourselves to be filled with more of Christ, then we find the true love, joy, peace, and happiness that the world can not offer. Only Christ can give us ‘everlasting joy’.

Now that is truly a blessing.

my cup runneth over


We chatted over empty Starbucks cups but her voice sounded emptier. “Where are God’s blessings?! I can’t see them. My life is nothing but a wreck; I’m not happy and I sure as heck didn’t ask for all of this. I’m done. I just want to be happy.” And her eyes run far, but not as far as grace will chase after her.

My heart leans hard into the truth I know, because her world is seasick. I hold my cup tight and pray for light to flood this dark place.

“Blessings are not the life raft, dear. They will sink you every time you trust them. They were never meant to be the root of your joy. Only Jesus, the Fount of Blessings, can calm your stormy heart and fill you until you are brimming.”

“Happiness” was never the calling or the prize. (Luke 9:23-27) But we push this heavy…

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