Kid’s Letters Get Action!

  1. Today Obama went on Television with the cheery faces of children who supposedly wrote letters to him asking him to end gun violence. So playing Obama Claus he quickly wrote his own letters to the American people telling us what he is going to do. Those children apparently had their letters answered.
  2. Since it is appropriate to use children to advance our causes and to solicit others to meet our needs then I too shall present to the American people letters written by children asking for help. These however were not addressed to President Obama, well at least that we are aware of. These letters where written to Santa Claus. Let’s see what these children were asking Santa for Christmas 2011.
  3. Have you seen any photo ops, or any television appearances by our President with these children? Has he addressed these concerns with as much fervor as he addressed the requests for the end to gun violence? If you answered no then go to the head of the class. You see Obama has an agenda and he is ONLY INTERESTED in his agenda and not what is good and right for the American people. He will gladly parade children before the American people if he can exploit them for his own purposes.

    I want to see the faces of the little children who asked Santa Claus for a job for mommy and daddy. Mr. President will you read those letters on TV? What executive orders can you write that will put mommy and daddy back to work?

    Next time kids instead of writing to Santa Claus address your letters to Obama Claus, since Obama seems to care for the needs of all the little children of the world and is moved to take quick. decisive action as a result of receiving such letters, perhaps you can get him to do what we the taxpayers can not. FOCUS ON JOBS AND QUICK SPENDING OUR CHILDREN’S MONEY!

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