Grading Obama’s Performance Thus Far

The last 18 months of the Obama Administration has been a whirlwind of activity, none of which really amounts to anything that betters our society, on the contrary Obama has only made things worse. Despite his obvious love of himself Obama has done nothing to help ease the soaring unemployment rate in America, he has offered nothing to help turn the corner on the recession we are now in, in fact everything Obama tries to fix only gets worse. So I give the President an “F’ for failure. What say you?

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After 18 months of the Obama presidency:

  • Government spending completely out of control
  • Federal deficit “unsustainable” at $13 trillion and growing
  • Unemployment rate close to 10%
  • 15 million Americans out of work
  • Economy remains in recession, or worse
  • Personal bankruptcies soaring
  • Home foreclosures on a pace to reach 1 million in 2010
  • Consumer confidence at 11-month low
  • Gulf oil spill worst environmental crisis in history, exacerbated by lack of presidential leadership
  • Moratorium on drilling to cost jobs
  • Racial tensions grow in intensity throughout society
  • U.S. government sides with foreign nation Mexico against sovereign state of Arizona
  • U.S. borders unsecured—citizens vulnerable to attack from invading criminals
  • War in Afghanistan: Political goals trump military ones
  • American prestige in sharp decline throughout world
  • Even progressive Europeans reject Obama’s outrageous proposals to continue spending
  • White House uses tyrannical, banana republic tactics to ram Marxist programs into law
  • Rule of law ignored to secure votes
  • Majority of Americans believe nation headed in wrong direction



2 thoughts on “Grading Obama’s Performance Thus Far

  1. Allen:

    I agree with what you are saying and the list posted is an abysmal testimony to what we have become, not only as a nation but as a people. However, it is my position that, since the level of greatness of any nation begins in the home, we are truly reaping what we have sown in Obama. He is actually nothing more than a mirrored reflection of what the last 50 years have gotten us. Almost without exception we are a nation divided right down the middle. Whereas we were much more united in times past, we have more and more turned our backs on God, resulting in what we see coming out of Washington D.C. today.

    I attribute that to one thing: we have clearly ignored the warning Jesus gave when He pointed to the fact that no person, no country can serve two masters. It will either be God or mammon, and we have slouched towards Gomorrah (to borrow from the title of Robert Bork’s book) and are crying out for the god of money to save us.

    The difficulty in ‘throwing the bums out’ in November is we will only be exchanging one set of bums for another. Those either in charge or those wanting to be in charge have by and large been raised in homes that are not biblical. And the ones who have been don’t have deep enough pockets to finance a successful campaign.

    It is therefore my contention that, until things change in the home and THAT generation rises up and ‘takes back’ our once great nation, and returns it to the position God placed it in as a “shining city on a hill” (God bless Ronald Reagan!), we will surely go into a period of captivity that will last for at least the next 50 years.

    Having said all that: I still believe that ‘with God, all things are possible’ and we needn’t bury our collective heads in the sand. Voices such as yours are still crying out as one in the wilderness saying “Repent!” and, as long as you have breath to speak out, there is still a chance this ship called America can be turned around and prevented from hitting the iceberg!

    God bless you Allen! Keep the faith, brother!!

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