Creating “Green Jobs” Costs a Lot of Green

Cronism, pay-backs, vote-buying, waste, fraud, corruption, these are terms I would use to describe this phony “green jobs” initiative so near and dear to our dear President’s heart. There is no opportunity wasted in paying back political supporters and operatives under this administration.

Nov can not come soon enough. These crooks need to be jailed not hailed, at the very least they need to be removed from office A.S,A,P.

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During his weekly address to the nation over the Fourth of July weekend, President Obama announced that the Department of Energy was awarding $2 billion in loan guarantees to two energy companies — Abengoa Solar and Abound Solar Manufacturing.

The plan, Obama said, is for the companies to use the money to construct solar plants and panels to power thousands of homes — and create 5,000 jobs in the process.  Only about  1,600 of those jobs are slated to be permanent, though, meaning that the total cost to the taxpayer for each permanent job would exceed $1 million.

But over the past week, observers have questioned whether even that high figure accurately represents the total cost of the president’s plan.

By all accounts, the president is starting small. Abengoa Solar, which received $1.45 billion from the Department of Energy, admits on its website that it will use the money to build a plant in Arizona that will create only 85 permanent jobs.

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