August Edition of Pop Goes the Gospel

Welcome to this month’s Edition of “Pop Goes the Gospel” another exciting expedition through cyberspace stopping along the way to gather some spiritual nourishment to strengthen our walk with the Lord. The fruit is ripe, the water is warm, the sun is shining so grab your sunblock, a beach  towel, and enjoy a cool summertime treat. Let the carnival begin!

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

Feature Article

Trent Cotton presents Using Chicken Little to Teach Kids about Mistakes posted at Christian Men-Christian Warriors. This month’s feature article is a lesson learned from the Children’s film Chicken Little. This is a must read for all who are dealing with “sins of our past” getting past our past reputations. Got a bad rap, check out this month’s feature article and learn along with Trent the lessons of Chicken Little. Thank you Trent for your submission.

In Culture

NCSue presents Making sense of paradox posted at IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING.NCSue asks us all to take another look at the paradoxes of Scripture. She offers up a new look at how Christianity seems senseless to those who are skilled and learned in the world. God’s ways surely are not our ways. A must read. Take time to answer all the questions there will be a quiz.

DeMarcus presents Growing Spiritually posted at Self Improvement Articles.DeMarcus offers us a quick but thorough look at growing up Spiritually. Thank you DeMarcus for your submission.

Rich Bordner presents My Story « The Pugnacious Irishman posted at The Pugnacious Irishman, College life can be ruthless for a young child of God or in the case of Rich a proving ground. The trying of our faith is a requirement if we wish to grow in that faith. A faith that is not tested is not faith at all. Thank you Rich for your candied story of life after high school, and your journey toward a deeper walk of faith.

Jeanine Mathis presents Question: Can You Boycott Heaven Because of Who God Allows to Be There? posted at Walk in Light, Jeanine tackles and interesting question found while surfing the net. I liked this article because it pointed out that there is only ONE JUDGE and it is not us. My conclusion to this post was well you have to read it and decide for yourself. Thank you Jeanine

In Church Life

Keith Tusing presents Leadership is Tough posted at CM Buzz.Keith offers a short but sound lesson on the difficulties of leadership. He says that if you are not being criticized it is possible you are not doing anything for the Kingdom, so get used to it. Good job Keith and thanks for your submission

Bible SEO presents Beatitudes: Blessed are Poor in Spirit – 8 Part Series posted at Bible Study Exposition Online, saying, “This bible study lesson is an eight part series of the Beatitudes mentioned in Matthew 5. This first part covers the meaning and context of beatitudes; it also deals with implication of being ‘poor in the spirit’, and the promise of Kingdom of Heaven.” Take some time out this week and do this study on the Beatitudes, it will do you a world of good.

andriel presents The Mystical Theory of Atonement posted at, For those who love an deep theological exegisis Andriel offers up plenty of ‘spiritual meat’ each and every issue of Pop Goes the Gospel. Once again andriel offers up such a post. This is a must read for anyone who seriously wishes to delve into the deeper things of God. Warning this is not for the casual reader this post will make you think.

Rick Schiano presents Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Be a Christian posted at Ricks Victory Blog.Rick offers up a TOP TEN List every Christian should strive to emulate. This is not a silly TOP TEN list as seen on late night TV but a serious list of the TOP TEN attributes of a TRUE CHRISTIAN. See how you stack up to the TOP TEN.

In Media

Alvina Lopez presents 50 Awesome Online Communities for Christians posted at Online Bible College Degrees – Online Bible Colleges.Another top 50 list from the folks you like to post list the students at Online Bible Colleges.

In Life

Sacha Calagopi presents Stuck in the Airport posted at God’s Word For You Today, Sacha another first time contributor to this carnival offers up a glimpse into what it is like to have to wait. This reminds me of an old saying ‘When my ship comes in I will probably be at the airport” giving voice to the frustration many feel about supposed missed opportunities. Savha points out that waiting on God is not an exercise in futility but rather a preparation for flight.

Jessica Nagel presents Gratitude posted at Sustainable Halo.This simple post from Jessica Nagel asks just one thing. What are you grateful for? Stop by and leave a reply and tell the world what it is you are grateful for.

In Family

Brooklyn White presents 100 Best Blogs for Christian Moms posted at Online Christian Colleges.Brooklyn White from Online Christian Colleges offers up yet another Post of Lists. This one is dedicated to the Christian mom and the 100 best sites. I am sure you will find something valuable in this list.

Bill presents Blessed in His Image posted at The Covenant Blessing, Bill a first time submitter to this blog carnival offers up an insightful post on being made in the image of Christ. He reminds us that we are all made in God’s image and if we really understood how fearfully and wonderfully we were made it would help us improve our self-image.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of pop goes the gospel using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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