Hybrid Hogwash

Now that Obama owns two car companies and is quickly trying to cram hybrids cars on the American public it seems that this discussion on their effectiveness would have been better timed BEFORE OBAMA bought the car companies. But like so many of his policies there is never any discussion just a rapid rush to legislate and then we the people are left to clean up the wreckage.

This report when read in its entirety shows all too well what is wrong with our energy policy in America. IT IS THE ENERGY CZAR who refuse to allow us to build plants, drill for oil, produce natural gas, explore for more oil reserves. instead they want to install a completely new system for which no infrastructure has even been planned let alone built.

We truly have a BOZO in the White House.

clipped from www.foxnews.com
Could plug-in hybrid cars actually increase greenhouse gas emissions? Is energy efficiency being oversold as a greenhouse gas reduction measure? A new report from the research arm of Congress raises troubling questions about the direction in which President Obama is taking us.

What about plug-in hybrid vehicles? When he was running for president, Obama pledged to put 1 million of the vehicles on the road by 2015. Aside from the question of how popular they’ll be with a projected retail price of $40,000 (as compared to $23,000 for a conventional vehicle), will they actually reduce carbon emissions? Only if the power plants they get electricity from produce little if any carbon. But since most U.S. electricity production is not carbon-free, the CRS observes that the “widespread adoption of plug-in hybrid vehicles through 2030 may have only a small effect on, and might actually increase, net CO2 emissions.”

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