First the disclaimer:

I have never been much of a political  activist. In fact for the most part I am a quiet peaceful person. I keep to myself mostly and try to mind my own business. Up until Ronald Reagan ran for President I wasn’t really much interested in politics. In fact I still find the whole political scene unsightly and I would much rather not deal with it. But, and this is a big but, I can not in all good conscience remain silent while the country I love is being maligned around the world by those who are supposed to be entrusted with her care. I can not stand by and just watch as lady liberty is mugged and beaten on capital hill. I can not look the other way as this great nation is being torn asunder. It is therefore my responsibility as a citizen and a Christian to take a stand for what I believe in. Just as sure as I would defend my own daughter if she were being mishandled so too must I stand up and defend lady liberty. So I shall indeed stand, and I shall defend all that makes this country great.

My plan is to pray without ceasing for America and all those who are in leadership. I shall be asking God to revive His church to become the beacons of true hope and change so much needed in these dark hours. I shall look to Him for the strength and the wisdom to be a light in the darkness and a clear voice in the wilderness to lend guidance and direction to those who may be looking for answers at this time. So by the grace of God I stand!

From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam. God bless America my home sweet home. God bless America, my home sweet home.

Now then on with the post:

I found this comment at MSNBC’s READ FIRST SITE. The conversation had to do with the Departments of Home Land Securities threat analysis profiling those who are likely to join radical hate groups.

The Homeland analysis says threats from white supremacist and anti-government groups “have been largely rhetorical and have not indicated plans to carry out violent acts.” But it says they seek to expand their recruitment by trying to capitalize on:

— insecurity brought on by economic troubles and loss of jobs
— the rise in illegal immigration
— fears of renewed efforts to limit gun ownership
— and racist reaction to the election of President Obama.
As would be expected at this site many were supportive of the misplaced assessment of the Homeland security analysis. Most of the comments were your typical RIGHT WING hate speech, Bush and Rush bashing, commentary and then this little gem:
I did not vote for Obama.

I am a Republican.

I am a small business owner, so I am taxed more than those who do not own a business.  I pay my way and then some.

I am a Christian – I study the word of God – I love and fear God. I believe that serving God is and will always be a higher purpose than serving any institution or government created by man.

I believe that abortion is murder and homosexuality is sin.  I am far from sinless, however, I do recognize when I sin and I pray that God has mercy on me and forgives me of my sin.  I will not serve a man who supports either.

I own guns.  I have a concealed carry license and I carry a gun every day – everywhere it is legal to carry one.  I own semi-automatic “assault type” rifles and tactical shotguns.  I know how to use them.  I do not want to be put in a position where violence is the only recourse, however, I am willing and able to defend myself, my family, and my home – from all enemies,foreign and domestic.

I believe in personal freedom – the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.  I believe every citizen of the United States of America has a right to this and a right and responsibility to defend this way of life,whether it is being threatened by a foreign power or it’s own government.

I do not agree with the policy of punishing motivated individuals who strive to create personal wealth through honest hard work and innovation and rewarding laziness by taking the wealth from those
motivated and redistributing it to those who are not motivated and who do not work or who do not want to work.

I do not support the idea of larger, more invasive government.  In the past decade, we the people, have been stripped of more freedom and privacy than we have gained in the past century.  Our current liberal government plans to continue this trend and even expand it.  This is unconstitutional and wrong.

I believe the armed forces of the United States swear an oath to defend the constitution, not a corrupt government who is bent on stripping it’s citizens of their constitutional rights.

I believe that when a government becomes corrupt and stops serving it’s citizens and in turn, is only interested in serving itself, then, without doubt, that government should be abolished and replaced.  Furthermore, I believe it is the right, responsibility and irrevocable duty of the citizens to depose and replace that corrupt government, with a new government, for and by the people.

I am not a terrorist – I am a citizen.

I am not a traitor – I am a patriot.

I am not a right-wing radical – I am a Christian and a realist.

I am simply an American – with a belief system in line with those great men who founded this nation.

I can and do think for myself – I do not need the government to assist.

I can and will defend myself if necessary.

I can and do earn my own living – I do not need or want government assistance.

I can and do help my neighbors and community – of my own free will.

This country was founded and made great by people who think just like I do!

Our corrupt, liberal, self-serving government is terrified of people like me and they well should be.  There are many more of us.  We are still here and we will not be silenced.  No today.  Not ever.

May God bless America – at least what’s left of it!

I want very much to acknowledge the author of this comment but was unable to link to a website and no email address was given in order to contact this person. It is folks like this that made this country great. It is folks like this who bled and died upon these very shores to protect our liberties and hand down to us a free nation. It is folks like this who are willing to stand up against all enemies foreign or domestic who threaten our way of life and attempt to take our freedoms away. It is folks like this who honor God and country. It was folks like this who signed the Declaration of Independence from a tyrannical King. And it will be folks like this who will once again stand and fight for what is right and good about America. It is with folks like this I take my stand.

Label me a radical right-wing extremist if you will but I stand in good company with the likes of Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Adams, Burke, Washington, Paine, Hancock…and all those who are proud to be an American. I am a citizen of the United States of America and I am proud to be an American citizen.

May God bless America again.


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