Blame a Liberal for rising gas prices

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Skyrocketing gas prices are rapidly changing Americans’ priorities. Voters routinely identify energy costs as either the second or third most important issue.
Just last week liberals in Congress rejected a proposal to allow drilling for oil 50 miles of the U.S. coast. The U.S. Minerals Management Service estimates that 86 billion barrels of oil and 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas can be found along the U.S. outer continental shelf.
And there is also plenty of energy currently banned from production onshore, too. The Department of Interior estimates onshore energy in the West and Alaska contains 31 billion carrels of oil and 231 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
Then there is the granddaddy of them all: the oil shale in Green River Formation
there are 1.5 trillion to 1.8 trillion barrels worth of oil shale in the Green River Formation.
That is more than triple the proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia
Are liberals in Congress anxious to see this oil help American consumers? No.

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