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This post is by quest author Julie Arduini a fellow writer at Take some time to stop by the website and read the thousands of posts by fellow travelers. And now for No Record by Julie Arduini.


Psalm 130:3: “If you, O Lord, kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand?” NIV

1Corinthians 13: 4-5: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” NIV

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We went out to dinner as a family moment before my husband left for a work trip. Of all the places to go, we chose McDonalds. I know, big shock with small kids, right? My order is standard, always the chicken wrap with barbeque sauce. Problem is,they don’t agree with me.


Case in point: last month I took the kids there for dinner and while talking along I let out a sound that I can’t even define as a burp because the humiliating act had an echo that turned heads. The kids cackled and cackled. They bring it up often, even during this most recent Golden Arches meal.

As our trip to the airport progressed, we paid tolls. I wasn’t even in my husband’s life then and even I recall the same story his older children told from years ago: he went to pay the automatic toll and missed the catch, dropping his money. After all this time, no one forgot.

Same for when we needed an elevator to get my husband to the correct gate. Even our oldest says, “remember when” and tells the tale of when my husband’s older children used to sit on elevator floors. My elevator recollection is from a few years ago when I was in a performance of “Heaven’s Gates and Hell‘s Flames”. My character perished in an elevator accident. If I ever hear the music that accompanied my dramatic death scene, I can assure you I’m off that real elevator!

Embarrassing sounds. Clumsy actions. Uncomfortable moments. Our kids don’t forget those times and most likely, spouses don’t either.

I’m so thankful to serve a God who does not keep a record of our wrongs. It isn’t because He’s ditsy and He forgot, it’s because He loves us so much He chooses not to. As Psalm 130 states, who could stand under such a recollection if the Lord did such a thing?

I’ve been watching online evenings on God.TV. services out of Lakeland, Florida. God is using a man the world would never think of because his record of shame is etched in his skin with colored ink. Todd Bentley by his own account was saved in his drug dealer‘s trailer. He used to cut himself and was an alcoholic.

Then Jesus came.

I blush over a traffic stopping burp. Todd Bentley remembers the smells and sounds of artificial highs. Perhaps your account of deeds lie somewhere in the middle. No matter what you’ve done, are doing, or are even tempted to do, you can live a true clean slate free of shame.

Call on the Lord today. The Lord who forgives. The Lord who is Love.

The Lord who keeps no record of wrongs.

Julie Arduini,, is devoted to writing for Christ in ways that encourage and inspire. Happily married to Tom, they have two children: Brian and Hannah.

@2008 by Julie Arduini


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2 thoughts on “No Record- by Julie Arduini

    The Bible makes it very clear that we are to send the angels out to fight for us, for they have much more power than us mere mortals. For all the problems that we face are orchestrated by the evil unseen principalities and powers, which seeks constantly to destroy us.
    The Lord said to me, “ that one of His angels has enough power to deal with all my troubles,” and yet He assures me that He has multitudes ready to swing into action on our behalf, when we give the command for them to fight. Have you commanded them today to fight for you?
    The Lord recently has spoken to me, and said, “Where my angels are, there is my presence.” He said angels must fight the powers of darkness, man cannot defeat such powers, angels will rescue you from all evil.
    Never ask an angel for help ,never pray to them, never seek to converse with them, unless they speak to you a message that has been given to them by our Lord. Angels are servants of God and His children. God has provided strength for us by these angelic beings.
    When Christ was on this earth in His human form He needed strength, just like we do today, and God sent one of His angels to strengthen Him. So that He could obtain salvation for us.
    When you need strength, then command angels to bring you strength from your heavenly Father, in fact you can command angels to bring anything that you have asked your Father for. For example, health, wealth, deliverance, peace, etc.
    Now, some people are very confused about pictures or statues of angels, thinking that it is forbidden in the Bible to look upon such things, but in fact what the Bible says is that we must not bow down and worship images. For these visual aids actually help us to see that there is more to this world than the physical realm.
    Bible tells us that our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. So, we must use the angelic powers from God, to deal with these unseen powers by commanding angels.

    I hope that you use these spiritual warfare secrets that the Lord has shown me. Once you begin to enter this realm of believing there is no going back, you must send angels out every day, to fight the evil spirits of infirmities, which is sickness and disease, the spirit of uncleanliness, which is the evil lusts, in mind and deed.
    The spirit of poverty, which are evil attacks on your finances, and anything else that you could possibly think of where you need help.
    Most important of all, every day we must repent, and live in the victory, that Christ Jesus has saved us.

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