Harvard Professors Get Schooled on Obamacare

While Harvard professors oppose changes that will raise their health care costs, the university says the increases are in part a result of the Affordable Care Act, which many Harvard experts championed.

Source: www.nytimes.com

This story is illustrative of how most liberals view public policy. Liberals do not want to live in the same world that their loony liberal ideas generate. Liberals wish to be exempted from all the burdens they place upon others.


"For years, Harvard’s experts on health economics and policy have advised presidents and Congress on how to provide health benefits to the nation at a reasonable cost. But those remedies will now be applied to the Harvard faculty, and the professors are in an uproar."


"Members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the heart of the 378-year-old university, voted overwhelmingly in November to oppose changes that would require them and thousands of other Harvard employees to pay more for health care. The university says the increases are in part a result of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act, which many Harvard professors championed."


The entirety of the nation is faced with this same dilemma that these wizards of smart prescribed, but unlike them most American citizens can not offload their costs to someone else.


"In Harvard’s health care enrollment guide for 2015, the university said it “must respond to the national trend of rising health care costs, including some driven by health care reform,” in the form of the Affordable Care Act. The guide said that Harvard faced “added costs” because of provisions in the health care law that extend coverage for children up to age 26, offer free preventive services like mammograms and colonoscopies and, starting in 2018, add a tax on high-cost insurance, known as the Cadillac tax."


All these provisions in the NotSoAffordable Care act were supported by Harvard, in fact Harvard has hired the architect of the ACA Dr, Garber.


Some of the Professors were really vocal about their opposition to ObamaNoCare.


Richard F. Thomas, a Harvard professor of classics and one of the world’s leading authorities on Virgil, called the changes “deplorable, deeply regressive, a sign of the corporatization of the university.”


Mary D. Lewis, a professor who specializes in the history of modern France and has led opposition to the benefit changes, said they were tantamount to a pay cut. “Moreover,” she said, “this pay cut will be timed to come at precisely the moment when you are sick, stressed or facing the challenges of being a new parent.”


But Jerry R. Green, a professor of economics and a former provost who has been on the Harvard faculty for more than four decades, said the new out-of-pocket costs could lead people to defer medical care or diagnostic tests, causing more serious illnesses and costly complications in the future.


Exactly, that is how the affordable care act saves money by putting the expense on the people who can not afford to pay for the care and therefore do without care thus lowering the cost of providing care since no care is being provided although the patient is paying quite handsomely for so-called affordable health care.


“It’s equivalent to taxing the sick,” Professor Green said. “I don’t think there’s any government in the world that would tax the sick.”


On the contrary Professor, socialist health care does exactly that. Government run health care may pay the bill but the patient hardly gets any care. There is a great deal of money exchanging hands but the sick get sicker and most die awaiting care. Socialized medicine is nothing more than population control through the withholding of medical care.


“It seems that Harvard is trying to save money by shifting costs to sick people,” said Mary C. Waters, a professor of sociology. “I don’t understand why a university with Harvard’s incredible resources would do this. What is the crisis?”


Your President, a Harvard alum, says there was a crisis in healthcare and he had to fix it with his Affordable Care Act Ms Waters. You see regular American citizens, just like you Ms Waters, wanted to keep their plans as well. They too did not see any need to totally destroy the private healthcare system in order to usher in Government controlled healthcare. Like you Ms Waters average American citizens were not crying out for healthcare reform, it was your alum President Obama who cried foul. He was the one who forced this monstrosity upon the rest of us with the support of your Alma Mater.


Welcome to our world Ms Waters.


And  that’s the way I see it!  What say you?


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