Planned Parenthood Prioritizes Abortions over Medical Needs of Poor

In a move that really comes as no surprise Indian Planned Parenthood halted services to Medicaid Patients after state funds where cut. Indiana’s Governor signed into law a bill which cut $3 million dollars from Planned Parenthood in an effort to limit tax payer money from funding abortions. Proving without any doubt that ABORTIONS are the main priorty of Planned Parenthood and not aiding the health needs of the poor.

If you had any doubt about Planned Parenthoods true motives doubt no more.

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Planned Parenthood signIndiana Planned Parenthood, which lost $3 million in state funding, is halting services to Medicaid patients.

Planned Parenthood took that action pending a federal court decision. At issue is a newly signed law that halts state funds for any abortion-provider. Sue Swayze of Indiana Right to Life tells OneNewsNow Planned Parenthood made a poor choice.
“As our governor is fond of saying, they could have simply stopped providing abortions in order to comply with the new law,” the pro-lifer explains, “but instead [they] have chosen to stop serving women’s health patients and keep the abortion side of the house.” Swayze calls that “a telling statement of where their priorities lie.”
Susan Swayze (Indiana Family Inst.)Does that mean Medicaid patients will have to do without breast exams, pap tests, birth control, and other healthcare services Planned Parenthood provided?
“Absolutely not,” responds the activist. “In fact, Indiana has over 800-plus Medicaid providers throughout the state as well as upwards of 100 freestanding family planning clinics — Title X, and other kinds of family planning clinics. There are lots of other providers.”
Swayze also says one would hope Planned Parenthood would care enough about its clients to refer them to other facilities where they can get the medical assistance, rather than just dumping them. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is threatening to halt all Medicaid funding to Indiana.



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