Taking Our Country Back One State At a Time

November 2nd is an important election where the American people vote to decide whether to continue on the course set by the current administration or put the brakes to ever-expanding government and a rapid erosion of our liberties.

Although it is possible that the Republicans will see a large victory this November does not mean the work is done. The voters need to continue to press for Conservative leadership at the local level, returning our country back to the sovereignty of states rights will diminish the effect the federal government has over all of us.

Here are some common sense reforms that need to be enacted in as many states as possible starting this November and continuing forward until our country is once again the great nation she used to be.

It is way past time we starve the leviathan of the federal government and choke off their source of power. We must keep up the fight not only for ourselves but for those who follow us. What are we going to leave behind us as a testimony to our stewardship? A free country or a bankrupt one?


Amplify’d from dyn.politico.com
no matter how well Republicans do in November, the Obama administration is still likely to stand in the way of real reform at the federal level, ensuring a standoff that could last through the 2012 presidential election.

There doesn’t need to be a stalemate at the state level, however, since voters across the nation are poised to elect GOP governors and conservative state legislative majorities. They will be able to act immediately to address the fiscal crises that plague their states, devising innovative and less costly ways to deliver vital public services to their citizens.

Public pension reform
We need some tough reforms to control public pension costs, including changing the defined-benefit plans into defined-contribution plans, barring part-time government workers from receiving full benefits and ensuring that all enrollees contribute to their own retirement and health care plans.
Growth-oriented economic policies.
While federal policies delay job growth, states can create more business-friendly environments to encourage private-sector job creation and economic growth. The quickest and most effective way for governors to boost their economies would be to reduce state income and investment income tax rates
states must limit the destructive effects of Obamacare
Increased federal mandates have already caused premium hikes, averaging 9 percent for small businesses and individuals.
Zero-based budgeting
States should conduct top-down assessments of every taxpayer dollar spent, to identify areas of waste, duplication and inefficiency
Many government departments and structures are badly outdated, incapable of delivering essential services efficiently.
Educational excellence.
Even as state spending on education increases, student and teacher performance lags. States need to regain control from the U.S. Department of Education and demand better performance at the local level. School curricula should be redesigned to create a stronger connection between education and the skills needed for employment. States must also create an environment that allows parents to choose among competing educational opportunities. Charter schools, vouchers and other competition-focused programs are among the best ways to guarantee greater accountability and better-performing students. Read more at dyn.politico.com

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