Does GM Bailout Come with a Company Car?

As a major shareholder in the newly formed Government Motors I demand to know when I can pick up my company car. Could someone tell me which of the dealerships still in business are taking requests for company cars? Now that I am the majority stock holder in the company I would like to have as one of my perks a nice new company car and not one of them HYBRIDS either. I want one of those big old gas guzzlers that the President drives. If Ms Pelosi can fly around in a company jet, and the President can drive around in his fleet of SUV‘s then AS A MAJOR SHAREHOLDER IN GOVERNMENT motors SO CAN I.

Please make delivery of my new company car to the address you have on file in my Share HOLDERS portfolio. THANK YOU.

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The biggest bankruptcy in US history was also the fastest bankruptcy in US history. Isn’t it amazing how fast the government can move when they are motivated by a historic confiscation of private sector power and wealth?
As of this morning, American taxpayers are now the majority shareholder in the newly created Government Motors, which will build the Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick brands looking forward.
American taxpayers paid over $50 billion for 60.8% of GM. That money was used to save 66,000 American jobs. That comes to $757,575.76 per job saved. A little pricy if you ask me, but we are talking about union jobs here.
By comparison, less than 1% of the Obama-Pelosi “stimulus” package was directed at stimulating small businesses, which account for 98% of all jobs in America. But when it came time to save union jobs, Obama-Pelosi opened up the taxpayer pocketbook and coughed up a very generous $757,575.76 for each of 66,000 GM jobs saved.

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