Culture Of Corruption: The Need for Prayer

Culture Of Corruption: The Need for Prayer

Our greatest danger comes not from cultural forces we oppose, but from those we embrace.“[43] Tony Campolo

Most of Christians would not embrace such obviously denigrated values as abortion upon demand, unbridled pornography and violence in the media, soft laws on drug use and drug peddling, etc.

But is it possible that we, like the frog slowly boiling to death in the kettle, are unknowingly and perhaps unwittingly being seduced to embrace cultural values that violate Biblical Christianity? For example:

The night before the cross, Jesus prayed thus to the Father on behalf of His disciples: “My prayer is not that You take them out of the world but that You protect them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them by the truth; Your word is truth.” (John 17:15-17)

Jesus knew that only through the cleansing power of His Word would the disciples survive the Enemy’s seduction of worldly forces… a bewitchment that is blithely embraced today by much of the Body of Christ.

And it is precisely because of its deadly seduction that the Christian community’s compromising embrace of contemporary cultural values is infinitely more lethal than the more obvious sins the world attempts to foist upon us.
Thank you R. Dwight Hill, I could not agree more. In fact as Christians who live in America we are experiencing first hand what happens when we DISENGAGE from the fight against evil and just LIVE AND LET LIVE. We are to be the agents of change in America. The fact of the matter is that with all the talk this past campaign season of HOPE AND CHANGE for some reason the church did not realize it was a CALL TO ACTION for us to EFFECT the change. So now it is our time to rise up and be the men and women of God we were saved to be.To be the salt and light we are supposed to be. It is the responsibility of the church, those who are called by His name, to humble ourselves and repent. Seek the face of God and pray for the healing of our nation. Therefore I have proposed in our church and to whomever wishes to participate an AMERICA CHAPTER 7.
May 7th is the National Day of Prayer and we will be holding 7 days of prayer  May 7th through the 14th. We will pause for 14 mins each day at 7:14 AM or 7:14 PM and will be praying for the healing of our nation and for the spiritual condition of the church and our land. We are hoping for a CHAPTER 7 bailout of our current state and a restoration of the values we once held dear. Care to join us?
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2 thoughts on “Culture Of Corruption: The Need for Prayer

  1. Our Choices

    If you had a choice, right now, to choose to be with Christ Jesus in heaven would you choose to do so? Being human and having the power of choice, can we choose to ask God to grant us a wish? You see, there are three realms, earth, heaven, and hell. We live on the earth in the now, and we believe, as Christians, that at some point Christ will return to the earth and judge us in the final days. Many of us will go to hell and the rest will live in heaven with Christ Jesus, our heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit.

    Christ said: “And all things whatever you ask for in prayer, believing, you shall receive.”
    What if, we asked God to stop this game, that is being played out on earth, and grant us the one wish of living with him in heaven. What if, we choose to not allow Satan any more control over our lives and our future and made the decision to ask God to end this game, right now. What if we, as human beings, with the power of choice; made a conscious decision to choose Christ Jesus, right now, over the day to day challenges and temptations that Satan offers.

    Say, in 2015, 9 billion, or 8 billion or 5 billion people, Jews, Catholics, Baptists, Protestants, Jahovah Witnessers, Lutherians, Episcapalians, Muslims, Buddists, Hindu’s, and every other worshiper, got together on an Easter Sunday and prayed to God, asking him to bring on the end of days. We can asked Jesus Christ to come and bring us home to his kingdom in heaven, so that we can stop playing this earthly game. Would that become a challenge??

    Christ said: “And I say to you, ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; and he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks it shall be opened.” Billions of people, acting as one, crying out to our heavenly Father, “Take us home.” OH GOD, take us from the land of the Pharaohs!!! Take us from the hands of evil and bring us home to your kingdom!!! Can we ask strong enough?? Can we ask hard enough??

    Christ said: “And in that day you shall ask me nothing. Amen, amen, I say to you, if you ask the Father anything in my name, he will give it to you. Hitherto you have not asked anything in my name. Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.” Do we want to be filled with eternal joy??

    Can you imagine how we can make this happen?? Can you understand the power that God has given us in order that we may choose our own destiny, right now. We don’t have to wait until tomorrow, while Satan tricks and traps millions more souls into the fires of hell!!! The decision is ours. Can we choose?? Can we make this happen?? Can we start a holy movement around the world and set the date of our going home???

    Christ said: ” I say to you further, that if two of you shall agree on earth about anything at all for which they ask, it shall be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together for my sake, there am I in the midst of them.”

    Take the poll! Express your belief! Give a contribution! Donate to this cause! Make it happen! Pass this message on to your friends and family.

    Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.


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