The Abomination that causes destruction?

Fornication is condemned in the bible along with homosexuality. If the PCUSA is no longer going to stand for biblical principles then they no longer need to be supported by members who do not support such iniquity.

It is time for someone to take a whip to the houses of prostitution being set up in the once reformed church house.

Jdg 2:11 (GW) The people of Israel did what the Lord considered evil. They began to serve other gods—the Baals. 12 The Israelites abandoned the Lord God of their ancestors, the God who brought them out of Egypt. They followed the other gods of the people around them. They worshiped these gods, and that made the Lord angry. 13 They abandoned the Lord to serve the god Baal and the goddess Astarte. 14 So the Lord became angry with the people of Israel. He handed them over to people who robbed them. He also used their enemies around them to defeat them. They could no longer stand up against their enemies.

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PCUSA Presbyterian sealThe executive director of the Presbyterian Lay Committee says the recent meeting of the Presbyterian Church (USA) highlighted a disregard for historic Reformed standards and a failure to glorify Jesus Christ.

During its recent meeting in San Jose, California, the highest governing body of the PCUSA voted in favor of a proposal that would allow for the ordination of non-celibate homosexual men and women. The General Assembly also initiated a process to revise the Heidelberg Catechism to delete the Bible’s prohibition against homosexuality.

“Some churches are looking to withhold per capita giving from the denomination, essentially refusing to fund any denominational activities, and are redirecting their giving to missions [with] which they are familiar and which they trust,” Burge explains. Unless the PCUSA reverses course, he says, it is in danger of extinction.

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