Declaration of Independence from England not God

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Dr. Larry Arnn is president of Hillsdale College in Michigan. In a recent article published, Arnn calls The Declaration of Independence “a most remarkable declaration.” He says that it is remarkable to remember that all who supported the document and all who signed the document were committing acts of treason punishable by death. But perhaps most remarkable was the documents four references to God.

“The posture of The Declaration of Independence is an appeal to heaven. And so it’s really a beautiful thing if you put the four places that God is mentioned together in the declaration. He’s mentioned as the maker of the laws of nature and of nature’s God – which makes him a legislator. He’s mentioned as the supreme judge of the world – which makes him a judge. He’s mentioned as divine providence – which makes him an executive. And he’s mentioned as the creator – which is like being a founder,” Arnn explains.
Reliance upon God was the foundation from which our forefathers brought forth this great nation. And it is that continued dependence upon Almighty God that shall sustain us as a great nation.

Declaring our Independence from God would only lead us into a path of destruction and oblivion.

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