Who is Worthy of Honor?

Good question don’t you think? I believe many today are in positions of leadership not because they are truly worthy to be there but because some how they have won support or perhaps bought their way into the position. Not everyone who holds a position of leadership should be honored and be praised. Only those who are deserving of praise and honor should be given such honor. However tyrants force us into subjection by demanding obedience and allegience. They use force or the threat of force to gain power and control over a people. Honorable men and women do not seek to rule by force but rather seek to earn respect by acknowledging that they are under the authority of God, therefore they know to treat others the way they wish to be treated. Who then is worthy of honor? Those who recognize God’s authority over mankind. These are they who stand with the founders who declared that ‘all men where created equal and were endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights’ God given rights, rights which need to be respected, cherished, and defended.

How to Restore a Nation

Christian wallpaper Proverbs 14:34
2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
but when the wicked rule, the people groan.
Prov 29:2 (RSV)

I do not know about you but I hear a lot of groaning going on. Could it be a reflection of leadership?
I think so! Out with the wicked in with the righteous. What say you?

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The Real Threat to Our National Security

Christian wallpaper Matthew 4:8-9
The hidden source of world domination has always been satanic by nature. The evil intentions of Satan was to dominate the world and make all men subject to his demonic rule. The ever growing animosity toward anything Christian in today’s America is an real sign of the spiritual war being waged against our nation’s soul. Antisemitism is another sign of the spirit of anti-Christ in the world.

Be careful and be fully aware of the powers at work in our society. The efforts of fallen man to remove any mention of Christ from our society is a sure sign of Satan’s evil intentions on world domination.

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A Simple Formula For Success: Guarenteed to Work

Christian wallpaper John 15:5
No seminars to attend, no films and audio tapes to buy, simply abide in Christ and allow His word to abide in you and you will achieve a level of success you could only dream of before.

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A Place Where You Can Always Find Help

Christian wallpaper Psalm 9:9
There is a place where the oppressed and downtrodden can go. Do not look to the government or the institutions of man for real help. Look up and seek the Lord for He is the only real help in time of need. Cry out to the Lord and He will be a refuge in your time of trouble.

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