Six lesbians had filed suit against the Arkansas Health Department’s Vital Statistics Bureau after it declined to recognize both women as the parents on the birth certificates, which they sought to do in order to obtain insurance coverage for the children.

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This is how societies fall, when there is no longer any restraint but all the moorings of morality are stripped off and society begins to go adrift on the sea of chaos. Two women can not birth a child. Two men can not birth a child. An infertile woman or man can not birth a child. However since being parents no longer requires one to actually have given birth to that child any combination of people can be considered parents even if they have absolutely no biological ties to the child.

To be a true parent requires one to have actually given birth to or participated in the creation of life through procreation. Today one can buy and sell babies and kids like other possessions. Now that parenting is seen as a right of possession rather than a right of procreation. Biological parents no longer have precedence over the court-ordered denial or granting of parental rights.

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