ISIS militants seem to be discussing the finer points of the Sykes-Picot agreement. Not surprisingly, they’re wrong about it.

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Getting history wrong is problematic when it comes to foreign diplomacy. What is ISIS after? Why are they so hell-bent on expansionism? Is this something new or a repeat of something old? Taking a look at the Middle East prior to WWI gives us a better indication as to what ISIS is up to and what their end game is.

Lawlessness and brute force seem to be driving the political agenda today. Instead of mutual respect and civil agreements being hammered out through diplomacy, malcontents are using bully tactics and creating chaos to further their agenda. They are not content to live and let live they desire to force their will upon any who resist their expansionists desires.

Like Solomon said there really is nothing new under the sun, what is, once was, and will be again.

Educate yourself on what has been before and is coming again. One thing is certain Jesus who was and is, is coming again real soon. I hope anyway.

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