Chalres Stanley’s 12 Step Approach to Turning the National Tide Toward God

The United States faces many crises, from financial troubles and escalating crime to corrupt leaders and families that are falling apart. If Christians don’t pray and act to help reverse the destructive tide that is sweeping across our nation, the tide may eventually sweep away the freedoms that American citizens now enjoy.

Here’s how you can help turn the national tide away from sin and toward God according to Charles Stanley in his book:   Turning the Tide: Real Hope, Real Change (Howard Books, 2011).


  1. Pledge your allegiance to God first. Make your relationship with God your top priority in life, and develop a habit of seeking God’s guidance for your daily decisions
  2. Pray for God’s guidance. Recognize that the problems facing our nation are all spiritual problems at their roots, even though on the surface they must just appear to be diplomatic, economic, etc.
  3. Live faithfully so you can represent Jesus well and inspire people to grow closer to Him. The people you want to impact are watching you closely to see how you choose to live as a Christian, so do your best to be the kind of role model God wants you to be. (in other words practice what you preach)
  4. Study the past to learn from it. Read about the history of the United States, including the story of how it was founded on Christian principles.
  5. Deal with financial problems. Help with financial problems such as debt and unemployment by getting your own finances in order (paying off debt, sticking to a budget, giving generously, etc.) and encouraging others to do the same. Become an advocate for wise financial management in the government, and hold government leaders accountable for their financial decisions.
  6. Help bear people’s burdens without making them dependent. Reach out to people in need with compassion and be willing to help them, but do so in ways that empower them to live independently rather than becoming dependent on you or others to meet all of their needs for them. Help people in need learn the skills and work ethic they need to support themselves once they get out of their current crisis.
  7. Exercise your freedoms of religion, speech, and assembly. Use the freedoms you have as an American to make your voice heard, saying “no” to what is wrong and “yes” to what is right.
  8. Choose faithful government leaders and hold them accountable. Get to know the views and lifestyles of people who are up for election to government offices. Look for objective and verifiable evidence that candidates possess good moral character. Communicate with government leaders in office, asking them questions and sharing your views on the legislation on which they’re working.
  9. Stand against pride and embrace humility. Acknowledge God’s sovereignty in all situations, and pray for God’s will – not just your own – to be done in every national issue that concerns you.
  10. Gain wisdom from God’s Word. Make a habit of reading, studying, and meditating on the Bible, letting God’s wisdom from it soak into your soul.
  11. Pray for government leaders. Intercede in prayer regularly for the government leaders you know, praying specifically about the various issues they’re working on, and asking God to guide them to learn and do His will.
  12. Keep going. Never give up your efforts to help turn the national tide from sin to God. Remember that God has promised to forgive people’s sin and heal the land, if people like you keep praying and seeking His will for the issues that face the nation.

There you have it twelve easy to do steps to turn our nation back to God. But it all starts with you. Are you willing to take up the cross and follow Him?

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