Liar in Chief: Or Chief Liar

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TOP 10 Lies of 2009

1. Lie: Global warming is real. It was never real except for the natural warming cycle that occurred from 1850 to 1998 when the Earth began another natural cycle, when it began to cool. The new cycle will last for several decades. This heating and cooling has more to do with the activity on the Sun then on the Earth.

2. Lie: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a danger to humans. This is the most pernicious lie that has been put forth by environmentalists and is the basis for the global warming lie. CO2 is vital to all life on Earth as it represents for all vegetation what oxygen is for all animals. To think that breathing is hazardous to your health. How can any right thinking person actually believe this?

3. Lie: The world is running out of oil. Not even close. New reserves of oil are being found on a regular basis. And this does not include the abundance of natural gas and coal which this country possesses in great quantities. There is no substitute for oil as the basis for transportation and the many other products such as plastic for which it is the basic component. Without this vital natural resource our standard of living will decrease not increase. Lets see the wind or sun power a jet liner or even a tractor trailer.

Failure to access national reserves of oil such as that in ANWR or offshore in the U.S. continental shelf is criminal. And

4. Lie: Afghanistan is critical to the war on terror. No, sorry, all the real action is in Pakistan these days and, in the days to come, in Yemen. Few NATO members want to provide forces for action there for lack of confidence in its present government and other factors.

5. Lie: The future is in “clean energy” as opposed to “dirty” coal. Wrong again. If wind or solar energy could demonstrate any practical use beyond very small projects it would attract investment, but it does not. Dependent on unreliable factors and requiring a backup source of energy such as a coal-fired or nuclear plant, large scale applications are a huge waste of money. Nuclear energy is probably the most environmentally safe alternative to oil and coal and yet it is not even considered as a viable source of energy by this current administration, and frowned upon by environmentalists in this country and yet nuclear energy is the energy of choice for other nations around the globe.

6. Lie: The U.S. must become “energy independent.” No nation on Earth is energy independent. The U.S. has failed to encourage the building of a single new refinery since the 1970s and is failing to encourage the building of nuclear plants to meet the nation’s growing need for more electricity.

7. Lie: The government can create or “save” jobs. Wrong again. The only jobs government creates are government jobs. These are essentially managerial and often exist to justify the continued existence of government agencies that actually impede job growth or significantly interfere with the free market. Besides the government does not produce anything they can only redistribute what is being produced elsewhere. And most of that redistribution stays within the confines of the government.

8. Lie: The financial crisis is not a significant threat. An economy whose annual gross domestic product (GDP) is estimated to be $14 trillion cannot long survive a debt ceiling of $12.4 trillion as approved by Congress on December 24. That requires too much borrowing. Only less spending can ensure stability. Every homeowner knows you can not keep spending money you do not have and gain fiscal stability.

9. Lie: The United Nations is necessary for resolving international disputes. Historically the UN has repeatedly failed to stop conflicts since its inception after WWII. It has a long record of corruption and inaction. It’s a joke but no one is laughing.

10. Lie: President Obama tells the truth. Barack Obama’s first year in office demonstrated to his supporters, independents, and critics that he lies all the time about everything. The only promise he made that he is fulfilling is the transformation of the U.S. into a failed socialist economy.

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