Barack Obama’s Lenghty Resume

The list grows longer each day. The accomplishments of the 44th President continue to accrue. Check out Obama’s updated Resume and get to know the man behind the teleprompter.
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“It is a great pity when the one who should be the head figure is a mere figure head.”
— Charles H. Spurgeon
Barack Obama is less of a person than an image— a brand. People see whatever they want as they do on a Rorschach test. But does anyone really know him?
In fact, he is:

  • A man with no birth certificate.
  • A man whose birth records, both in the United States and Kenya, are sealed by government order.
  • A man whose childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, spied on U.S. military installations in Hawaii for the Soviet Union, edited a communist newspaper, authored pornographic novels, and wrote poetry in praise of Joseph Stalin.
  • A man mentored by and still supported by radical Muslims.
  • A man who promised transparency in government, but has spent over a million dollars in legal fees hiding information that would determine his eligibility to be President.
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