Poison Ivy

Poison ivy produces urushiol to protect the plant from herbivores. In humans this chemical produces an allergic skin rash, known as urushiol-induced contact dermatitis.

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By Patty Wysong

I have a couple of kids that catch poison ivy very easily and one of them is my teen daughter. Living in the country like we do, there’s an abundance of it but they know where most of it is and stay away from it, so I was surprised when she came to me and showed me her blisters.

“Mom, why do I get it and you don’t?”

I had to laugh at her question. “Because I don’t go where the poison ivy is and you do.”

It was no sooner out my mouth then God flashed the neon ‘Duh!’ sign He has just for me.

Why do some things affect me that don’t bother or affect my Christian sisters? Because I go where poison ivy is and they don’t.

It’s made me, once again, consider where I walk. Am I tip toeing through poison ivy hoping and praying I don’t get it? It would be so much better if I just stayed away from areas where I know the poison ivy grows!

“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:15-16 (NAS)

Patty Wysong is a wife and homeschool mom of 5 who is passionate about wrapping lessons in pretty packages that will point others to God.

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One thought on “Poison Ivy

  1. I used to work in it a lot, then tied some biology knowledge to common household cleaning items to come up with an easy, clean way to keep yourself from getting poison ivy or oak if you suspect or know you were in it.

    Lysol. Benign to the human body & skin, deadly to the oils in poison ivy & poison oak which causes the reaction to it.

    I’d spray it on, rub it around and with very minimal water (as I was working in the “woods” and didn’t have a faucet at my side) would rinse it away.

    Lysol works by breaking down the cell membranes of bacteria & microbes. Those cell membranes are made of biological oil precursors and the oils from the ivy & oak are destroyed by the Lysol.

    You skin’s waxy cuticle protects you mainly by keeping things out, but the oils form oak & ivy over time can get through as they are of the same basic makeup so they are able to enter. The wavy cuticle is enough to spot an detrimental impacts of the lysol, so their is minimal risk if any to using it this way.

    I also used if I did catch it to break down the oils still present and to dry out the affected area which allows for quicker recovery times. I think it is more effective & less messy than Tech-nu or Calmine lotion, etc.

    Give it a try next time. I’m 99% certain it is effective to preventing the summer time itch.

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