The High Price of Government Control

I was hungry, and you gave me nothing to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me nothing to drink.Matthew 25:42 (GW)
As I read this story I was struck by how helpless the common folk were in these nations run by corrupt governments. Here is a quote from the above story:
these people are often the most affected by water-related health problems because they are “systematically excluded from [water] access by their poverty, by their limited legal rights or by public policies that limit access to the infrastructures that provide water for life and for livelihoods.”

Individual rights are the first thing to go in a totalitarian government. In order for a tyrannical government to control the lives of the people it must first deny them rights and private property protections. They need to make “classes” out of the people. Then  they are able to regulate the different classes and grant special privileges or deny access to basic human needs. With all their personal dignity stolen and being forced into government servitude the people lose their ability to care for themselves even so much as digging a well to provide fresh water.

In areas where water is available government policy makes it illegal for an individual to dig a well or to attempt to provide for him or herself. This is where BIG GOVERNMENT always takes the people. The privileged will always have because they steal from the people who are least able to defend themselves.

That is what makes America exceptional because our Founding Fathers knew the horrors of tyranny and set out to PROTECT the rights of every person by establishing that their individual rights are GRANTED by God and not handed out by governments.


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