March Edition of Pop Goes the Gospel Blog Carnival

'Pop Goes the Gospel'

Welcome to the March 2010 edition of Pop Goes the Gospel blog carnival. Each month we travel around the blogosphere to offer posts to encourage and challenge you as we take the Gospel into Pop Culture.

Although we only had a few submissions this month there is still plenty of food for the soul, and engaging content to peruse. Take time to read each article and be sure to comment that to let the author know you read their article here. Now on with the Carnival! Peanuts! Popcorn! Candy Apples!

Feature Article

This month we feature a brand new blog on Pop Goes the Gospel.  John a newbie to the blogosphere will attempt to relate his experiences as a father to his relationship with the Father. We welcome John and be sure to stop on over to his blog and give him a hardy welcome from all of us seasoned bloggers. It is wise to encourage each other in their walk with the Lord. There may come a time when you will need a word of encouragement so be sure to sow some seeds of encouragement so you too can reap a full harvest in due time.

John McCollam presents Fathers and Sons posted at Spirit Work. John’s first post to his brand new blog is an insightful look at fatherhood.

In Bible Study

NCSue presents What kind of “justice” is that? posted at IN HIM WE LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING. NCSue offers a great post on true justice from God‘s perspective. Justice is not retribution but restoration. Now then the next time you hear the word justice see if it meets the biblical standard for just and right.

Trent Cotton presents The Christian Sword ? The Guard posted at Christian Men-Christian Warriors. Trent is back with yet another great post this one of a series on the sword of the spirit. Trent does a great job and his site is worth the time it takes to glean some goodness from the word of God.

In Media

Jasmine Smith presents 25 Essential Android Apps for Bible Study posted at Accredited Online Bible Colleges, saying, “If you haven’t made Android your major mobile device, perhaps the following Bible study apps for may convince you to go that route.” If you are an android user then this list of aps is for you.

Bible SEO presents Christian Guitar Lessons, Chords & Tabs posted at BibleSEO Blog, saying, “Top free resources for Christian Guitarists, offering free guitar lessons, chords, tabs.” If you play guitar then spend some time strumming through this list of instructional sites for the Christian guitar player.

John Laugherton presents 25 Ways to Use the Kindle for Bible Study posted at bible college, John takes bible study to the Kindle platform with an extensive list of the benefits of using the latest technology to make your bible study byte size.

In Culture

Joe Plemon presents The Money Quiz: Do You Serve God or Money? posted at Personal Finance By The Book, saying, “Jesus said that we cannot serve two masters. This quiz will help the reader see how he is doing.”

Megan presents Inspired By Fiction: Olympics and Scripture posted at Inspired By Fiction, Megan wins the Gold for her observations of the Winter Olympics. Athletes compete for a crown that one days fades but as Christians we are seeking a crown that never fades. Well done Megan and welcome to the carnival.

In Family

Darcy Bell presents The Overwhelming Concept of “Father” posted at HE said what?, saying, “Fatherhood is a concept than all Christian men should understand, but few often do.” Darcy offers a well written post regarding the responsibilities of being a Christian husband and father. If more dads would think this critically about their responsibilities to those under their care society would be better served. Well done Darcy and thanks for sharing your posts with us. This is a must read for dads and husbands everywhere.

That concludes this edition.

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