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Politicians Take Note

One thing our Founding Fathers could not foresee…was a nation governed by professional politicians who had a vested interest in getting reelected. They probably envisioned a fellow serving a couple of hitches and then looking…forward to getting back to the farm. Ronald Wilson Reagan

Former California Governor Ronald Wilson Reagan and later President of the United States saw professional politicians as an enemy of the state. Today’s politicians may have never worked the farm but they sure are giving away the farm. The current climate of Washington Politics makes one wonder if the home of the brave and the land of the free is being sold out beneath our feet by the very ones who are supposed to be watching out for our interests.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.Prov 29:2 (NKJV)

The God of Israel said, The Rock of Israel spoke to me: ’He who rules over men must be just, Ruling in the fear of God.2 Sam 23:3 (NKJV)

Your princes are rebellious, And companions of thieves; Everyone loves bribes, And follows after rewards. They do not defend the fatherless, Nor does the cause of the widow come before them.Isaiah 1:23 (NKJV)


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Now that half of the voting public has re-elected spendthrift Obama for another round of spending we must brace now for the unending raiding of our bank accounts. Anyone who believes that taxing the RICH will put even the slightest dent in the huge hole Obama has dug for us is kidding themselves. There will be tax increases alright, lots of them, on lots of things and on most of the American population.

DON’T worry those of you who do not pay any income taxes, you shall not see any change to your budgets. Your stimulus checks will continue to come to you and you will probably even get a cost of living increase besides. Those Americans who do not have to actually earn their incomes will not have to worry since no one will ask you to SHARE THE PAIN. You shall be exempt from any obligation to repay any of the borrowed money that was given to you.

As for the rest of you, you will be asked to bring over buckets of dirt to fill in the CRATER that was dug all the way to China. Resistance is futile since half of the country wants it this way. You shall be asked to fill-in this hole regardless of the fact that you told them not dig it in the first place, nor provided the shovels to dig the hole. Ignore the fact that your objections to the project were ignored, you still will have to pony up and contribute. AFTER ALL it is only fair.

Again I need to reiterate that anyone who receives a government check or is paid from the general fund will not see any reductions in their incomes and in fact might actually see a cost of living increase. This is to be expected and a reward for your faithful service to the cause.

Back to the rest of you louts. If you ask why we are asking you to fill-up the hole it is because we intend to dig another one and we need the dirt. OKAY AMERICA grab your shovels and start to dig oh I mean fill-in the hole.

Ain’t it grand to be an American? Aren’t you proud to serve your fellow-man and willing to sacrifice for the good of the cause? What is the cause you ask? CAUSE WE SAY SO!

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A Presidential Greeting for the New Year

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan.

“I’ve always thought New Year’s Day was an especially American tradition, full of the optimism and hope we’re famous for in our daily lives — an energy and confidence we call the American spirit. Perhaps because we know we control our own destiny, we believe deep down inside that working together we can make each new year better than the old. … Let us renew our faith that as free men and women we still have the power to better our lives, and let us resolve to face the challenges of the new year holding that conviction firmly in our hearts. That, after all, is our greatest strength and our greatest gift as Americans.” –Ronald Reagan

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A Christmas Greeting from Ronald Reagan

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan.

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“In spite of everything, we Americans are still uniquely blessed, not only with the rich bounty of our land but by a bounty of the spirit — a kind of year-round Christmas spirit that still makes our country a beacon of hope in a troubled world and that makes this Christmas and every Christmas even more special for all of us who number among our gifts the birthright of being an American.” –Ronald Reagan

via Brief for Monday, December 19, 2011 – Editions – PatriotPost.US.

It is difficult to continually listen to all the bad news coming across the airwaves lately. The world is in a state of unrest, the world economy is failing, the American people are being told by their leaders that we are selfish and greedy, the productive in our society are being demonized by those who are supposed to be looking out for America’s interests, and yet there is not other place I would rather be than in the United States of America. I know, like Ronald Reagan, that dispite America’s shortcomings, she is endowed with the grace of God by the people who live and work here. Thank you to all my fellow Americans and may God bless us one and all this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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For many deceivers are gone forth into the world, even they that confess not that Jesus Christ cometh in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist. 2 John 1:7 (ASV)
Decepticon Logo

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The Decepticons are usually depicted as the antagonists in the fictional universes of the Transformers toy line and related comics and cartoons, and the enemies of the Autobots.[2][3][4] The villains take many forms, and have many different origins and stories across the different Transformers media, but in almost all incarnations, they are led by Megatron. They are typically represented by the purple facial insignia they all wear. Primarily, Decepticons have red eyes, while Autobots have blue eyes. They are usually known for their air power, especially since many of them turn into aircraft. They often turn into military vehicles, construction vehicles and even smaller-than-human-sized objects.

Most Decepticons think very little of humans and consider them no better than pests or “insects”. This is strongly emphasized in the 2007 film Transformers, when Megatron is seen flicking a human like a bug and saying “disgusting”. Another example is when the Decepticon Frenzy complained about how the “stupid insects” tried to shoot him. In the animated series, Starscream works with the human, Doctor Arkeville and comments about how little he cares about destroying the entire planet Earth to meet his goal.

Some deception can be useful as in the case of World War II. Jasper Maskelyne was a British stage magician when World War II erupted in Europe. He joined the Royal Engineers and showed an extreme gift of camouflage and deception.

He convinced skeptical officers by creating the illusion of a German warship on the Thames River by using mirrors and a model.

He was deployed to the African theatre in the Western Desert along with 14 assistants: an architect, art restorer, carpenter, chemist, electrical engineer, electrician, painter, and stage-set builder. The group was nicknamed the Magic Gang.

WW II–Era Scale Infrared Combat Tank Models

Image by Ric e Ette via Flickr

The Magic Gang built a number of illusions. They used painted canvas and plywood to make jeeps look like tanks — with fake tank tracks — and tanks look like trucks. They created illusions of armies that fooled the Germans.

One of Maskelyn’s greatest illusions was making the Suez Canal disappear to German pilots. To mask the Suez Canal he built a revolving cone of mirrors that created a wheel of spinning light nine miles wide. The effect dazzled and disoriented the enemy pilots so they could not see the Suez Canal.

Others deceive only to serve their own purposes. Take as an example Dr. Bob Harris. In 1969, Harris phoned WCBS-TV, introducing himself as a Ph.D. in geophysics from Columbia University. “Nobody ever asked for credentials,” he explained.

For the next decade he did well in is career and was also hired by the New York Times as a consulting meteorologist.

On January 18, 1979 “Dr. Bob” Harris was fired by both the New York Times and WCBS radio as a meteorologist. His crime, he wasn’t a doctor. He wasn’t even a meteorologist. After 10 years of pretending to be a professional weatherman, Harris had been caught in a serious lie.

“I was so ashamed,” said Harris, 39. “I was publicly disgraced. I went from $75,000 a year to zip. I had lost everything.”

However most deceivers have ulterior motives that are destructive and sinister. Just like the Decepticons in the transformers franchise there are Decepticons active in our society today. They take on many forms and disguises but one thing you can be sure of, their main purpose is to deceive as many as possible into believing they are honest and true. These Decepticons want others to believe that what they present is reality and everything else is a lie. These sinister bots would like it if everyone fell for their lies and manipulations of truth.

For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Mark 13:22 (NKJV)

The Magic Gang was able to fool the Germans in World War II and Bob Harris was able to fool the New York Times and WCBS, and I am sure many of these false christs and false prophets will deceive many as well. But thanks be to God that even with all the lying and deceiving going on, those who are chosen by God, who know Him and are called by His name, will be able to expose the lies for what they are and will not be deceived by them. However; one has to wonder if anyone will actually care to hear the truth? Will the earth be overtaken by the Decepticons? Will there be anyone to rescue the earth from the lies of the deceivers?

If magicians were able to fool the Germans, and one man was able to avoid detection for almost a decade, it is reasonable to assume then that many will be taken in by the lies and deceptions of the last days. You have been warned, not all is as it appears. There are Decepticons among us. Lies are being masqueraded about as truth. There is a subtle plan hatched by Satan himself to destroy all human flesh on the earth because he thinks so little of it. To him they are pests, and since he can not get at his true arch nemesis- God, he must be content then to make war on all those who have been created in God’s image, especially those of the house of Israel. There is no reasoning with the ultimate Decepticon. He must be resisted. And ultimately defeated.

Then Jesus said to those who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:31-32 (NKJV)

This is the key to avoid being deceived. Abide in God’s word so that you too can know the truth, for it is the truth that will set you free from the Decepticons.

And that is this week’s tail feather. Think about it.

but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 (RSV)

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